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About Leslie
An award-winning artist known for her uplifting, elegant art and design, Leslie Cober-Gentry’s endeavors include a thriving and accomplished illustration career, designing party and performance spaces, teaching at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, jurying and curating shows at the Society of Illustrators in New York and guest speaking to art and design students at various universities throughout the country.

Leslie’s signature meticulous style creates both two-dimensional humorous and playful art created in mixed media as well as transforming three-dimensional event and performance venues into meticulously executed exciting, energetic and sophisticated spaces.

Leslie explains, “It’s all about answering the client’s goals and objectives through design. One needs to be extremely organized and meticulous. There isn’t any detail that can afford to be missed. It’s my responsibility and an essential part of my business to make sure that each component of every project is attended to with every possible effort and dedication.”

Born in New York City, Leslie pursued her dream of becoming a successful artist and designer.  By 15 she completed her first assignment for the New York Times Op Ed page. After graduating from Syracuse University School of Visual and Performing Arts (on merit scholarship) she continued to create professionally for many of the most prestigious magazines, newspapers, corporations, and advertising agencies in the world.

Four years ago Leslie was awarded a merit scholarship through a Limited Residency Professional Master’s Program at the University of Hartford School of Art, where in 2011 she completed a Master’s of Fine Art Degree.

Leslie has won numerous awards, including The Society of Publication Designers, Print’s Regional Design Annual, Vision Awards Annual Report Competitions, and Graphic Design USA. She has curated and juried prestigious shows at the Society of Illustrators in New York.

Several books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs have featured Leslie in special sections including Artist Magazine, in a section titled “Crossing the Bridge to Illustration… What you need to know to make it in the illustration Field: Today’s top illustrators share their wisdom.”

Several design books, including The Desktop Designer’s Illustration Handbook and The Best of Best of Brochure Design have included Leslie’s work as examples of exceptional illustration and design.

After a span of 20 years creating solutions for over 1000 assignments, Leslie now serves as an Assistant Professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. This is a natural continuation of her love of the art and design profession.